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Outubro 02, 2018

Keep DrEaMinG


A few years ago I saw a picture in a blog... that picture was a turning point in my life. I loved the colours, the vibes, and something told me that someday I had to know that place. Although, I was living in Portugal and that place was in London... meanwhile I forgot the picture and then years after I could travel to London and know the place, a moment that I will keep in my loving memories.


Now, I lost the times I was there... only in my second time I found that place had a way out for another street! It is a colourful place, vibrant, original and has that Instagram look!

Near Covent Garden, a place that you have to know, Neal Yard Street it is hard to find, it is a place that you can find occasionally or you can know by reference!


It is a quiet place, but if you stay a while you can find that has more than what meets the eye. Furthermore, Covent Garden has music, performances, Channel, lovely people that can be amazed every day and a fabulous walk to Leicester Square.


I cannot tell what is my favourite place in London! I loved the garden by the river near Charing Cross... I love the Soho, Leicester Square and Piccadilly, the Regent and the Carnaby Street... I love London and Camden.


Another place that I found interesting is Tower Hill, next time I am planning to head to The London Bridge and walk by... take lots of pictures, see the landscape and appreciate the bridge itself. That side of London it is a place that I cannot tell that I know... I was there in a hotel in 2013, I visit a Catholic church and I liked the place near the Tower of London, despite of this we visit the London heart more than the streets around  Tower Hill.


Today, I saw in the same blog a photo from SATC... Carrie's apartment in New York upperside. Maybe, one day I go there, I love the series and the characters, namely Samantha. If I had an alter ego I could name it after Samantha :) 


There are more places that I want to go: Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam (again), Bruges, Paris ( again), North of Portugal. Brazil?


For instance, I try to dream about living in Spain and I think it can be true someday! Sunset, good wine and cheese, money for expenses, a cosy home and a love, love.