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Outubro 03, 2018

She is a Phoenix


It was raining, the night was cold and the sky was dark, she was listening to a portuguese song by Mariza 'Chuva' and thinking about life. Those days, life was not so good and easy, it seemed that life wasn't happening! The brain had mixed feelings between love, family, living and work, duties.


She didn't know what she could do to be happier, she started to look to the sky every day, trying to focus on positive vibes and looking to learn anything new every day. She had this plan to not fall into a depression, the plan was living day after day and try to get out of that sad reality. After months, life started to happen, actually, life was happening since but she was sleepy and she could not see the future, only a present grey and boring. 


Step by step, time won her again, the sun arrived, life was changing and the days started to be brighter and happier. She found that it is true: you have to broke the pattern to have another way. The pattern was broken and the life had a new direction, new things were there to be picked, new places, new smiles and new plans arose.

That night was so far away! that dependence, that day goal without any sense, was lost. It was incredible to have that guide: look at the sky!


E v e r y  d a y!


Meanwhile, it was important to set up a few goals, she achieved all! She had learned that resilience is not a word it is a way of life.

Nowadays, life is so different and distant for those days, the life is still happening, other dreams and other goals, maybe harder but she is there, trying every day remember that resilience is the key, not to give up, keep going, keep dreaming and keep doing because the dreams do not happen if you do not move.


A few years from now, the life will be different again, she realises that life is there for her to live. She knows that that life is there waiting for her, she only has to accomplish the steps to arrive at that destination like a GPS route...


And she will.